Have You Heard of the Attractions Near Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc?

With beautiful beaches, waterfalls, fascinating theme parks and unique cuisine, the attractions in Phu Quoc await you! Phu Quoc is not only a place famous for its long stretches of beach and bustling fishing and farming, but it is also an extremely welcoming place for tourists and guarantees an action-packed journey. To explore the landscape of Vietnam’s largest island, guests can travel by motorbike on their own or let Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc assist you with a driver and day tour. Your safety and comfort with us is a primary focus when planning an island tour and can showcase everything from out-of-this-world beaches to spiritual temples.

Discover Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc Top 10 Phu Quoc Attractions

1. Suối Tranh Waterfall 

One of the best attractions in Phu Quoc is Suoi Tranh waterfall. Just a 30-minute drive from Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc, spend the afternoon swimming and enjoying nature before heading home. Admire the table-like rock formations that give the waterfall its name and feel free to bring snacks, drinks and mosquito repellent – just make sure you clean it up after you leave. The waterfalls have a small entrance fee, and if you choose to drive a scooter, be prepared for the small parking cost. The best time to visit Suoi Tranh waterfall and witness the majestic waterfall is from the beginning of May to the end of November, coinciding with the rainy season of the island.

2. Pepper Farms and Gardens

There are a few options when it comes to visiting a pepper farm in Phu Quoc. Most are located towards the centre of Phu Quoc, and visitors can walk among the pepper fields and buy to take home. Although admission is free, you must pay a fee to participate in the harvesting activities or guided tours. The different varieties of peppers available at these Phu Quoc houses include black, white, pink, green and sweet. Annually, the harvest season lasts from February to July, on average, Phu Quoc produces 1,000 tons of pepper each year.

3. Dinh Cau Temple

This serene water-facing temple pays homage to the goddess of the sea and is also a popular attraction in Phu Quoc for photography. While visiting, remember to respect attendees praying to the goddess for successful and safe fishermen’s trips. Dinh Cau was built in 1937, and when coming here, visitors have to climb 28 stone steps to reach the top. We recommend planning your trip around sunset as the terrace offers a beautiful view of Dinh Cau beach. Dinh Cau Festival is held annually on the 15th and 16th of the 10th lunar month every year, where residents will send prayers to the goddess for good luck, safety and prosperity.

4. Starfish Beach 

We know you’ve seen this gorgeous Phu Quoc attraction on social media, and guarantee it lives up to the hype! Starfish beach is located on the southern tip of the island and is an hour’s drive from Sailing Club Resort Phu Quoc. Once you arrive at the beach, the natural beauty of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters will make the drive worthwhile. Starfish are seen more at the end of the day as locals describe the fish as “bathing in the moonlight.” The best time to visit this beach is before the rainy season to avoid any road closures leading to the beach. Please be advised that you should not touch the starfish as natural body oils or sunscreen residue can have the effect of suffocating the creatures. 

5. Phu Quoc Theatre 

For tourists looking to escape the beach and find a cultural Phu Quoc experience, we recommend visiting the Phu Quoc theatre. This Phu Quoc attraction is the only place that hosts a water puppet show on the island with trained artists from Hanoi and Phu Quoc. This theatre was designed by Chu Luong, whose vibrant reputation highlights his long-standing management of The Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre (the longest-running water puppet theatre in Vietnam.) Buying a ticket to this show comes with a four-course traditional Vietnamese meal and also a chance for guests to try on different Vietnamese traditional outfits. 

6. Long Beach

As the name implies, this is a long beach! The full span reaches 15 km in the northwest central area of the island. Plan a visit in November to March or April to June for the best weather and conditions to make the most of the beach. While spending the day at Long Beach, tourists can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, and even a beach bbq! With so much space it’s easy to carve out a private slice of paradise and create memories to last a lifetime.

7. Night Market

A vacation in Phu Quoc guarantees luxury resorts and breathtaking beaches, but for a delicious meal, you’ll have to wait for the sun to go down. The Phu Quoc Night Market opens at 6 pm and stays available to hungry tourists and families until midnight. Stroll over 100 vendors and embrace different meal options from seafood, and grilled bananas wrapped in sticky rice with coconut cream to numerous noodles and Chouchou peanuts. Before 2016 there were two main night markets in Phu Quoc, but they combined to offer one space and two exit points.

8. Ho Quoc Temple

Another cultural landmark is the Ho Quoc Temple or the Truc Lam Ho Quoc Zen Monastery. As you arrive on the temple grounds, your eyes will soak up the stunning environment, roaming across the brick courtyard to the deep blue ocean directly behind it. Constructed in 2012, the temple holds priceless jade statues, an ornamental dragon staircase, and many intricate stone carvings of the Han Dynasties. It’s no wonder that as soon as you step foot onto temple grounds, a sense of calm washes over the mind and body. Locals and tourists frequent this Phu Quoc attraction praying for peace, health, happiness, and longevity in their careers. 

9. Phu Quoc Pearl Farm

Pearl farming has been associated with Phu Quoc island for hundreds of years, and in 1998 the government officially created the Phu Quoc Pearl Farm for tourism purposes. The government-elected site spans over 64,500 square feet and includes a marine area of four square kilometres and a variety of pearl centres. The centres range from housing cultivation to jewellery stores, and showcase the history of pearl farming and the distinguishing factors between “foreign-owned pearl centre” and “farm-cultivated pearls.” The most popular pearl you will find on the island is the illustrious south sea pearl in either a cream or gold colouring. 

10. Bai Vong Beach

You might have already visited this Phu Quoc attraction without even realising it. Bai Vong Beach is also where the ferry pier is located, dropping off passengers travelling from Rach Gia and the nearby Mekong Delta. Bai Vong Beach has two piers and the quieter one is what we suggest if you are searching for a good place to go paddleboarding. There is limited shade on this beach so visiting it during the day will almost guarantee a quiet atmosphere. For nature lovers, Bai Vong is enclosed with dense Phu Quor forestry. Tread carefully or you might startle a snake or get lucky enough to see a family of macaques. 

Sailing Club Signature Resort Welcomes You to Phu Quoc Island

SCSRPQ Lifestyle club house 2

After spending the day exploring the island, book a home-like and luxurious Phu Quoc Resort. Whether you are travelling to Phu Quoc to recharge or splurge, a perfect vacation is complete with Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc accommodation. 

A pet-friend resort that specialises in opulent yet comfortable surroundings, book a Sailing Club Signature two-floor villa and relax. Our team is standing by to ensure everything you need to make your home-away-from-home complete. Including private swimming pools to a full European-style kitchen and accessories, Sailing Club Phu Quoc sets the stage for pampering. Start your day by enjoying a cup of coffee, or relax in the garden by the pool with a chilled bottle of prosecco. On-site, Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc hosts Sandals, The Market, lotus ponds or Koi fish pond, relaxing at the Spa, plus nightly entertainment. 

With prestige at your fingertips, why stay anywhere else? Explore everything Phu Quoc offers and book your next holiday with Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc today!  


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