Commonly Asked Questions about Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a Vietnamese island known for its beautiful beaches, colourful landscapes, rich culture, and many outdoor fun activities. The island is the biggest (by landmass) in Vietnam and one of the leading tourist attractions in South East Asia. 

Whether or not you are visiting Phu Quoc for the first time, you need to know a few things about this geographically diverse holiday destination. In the sections below, we have rounded up some commonly asked questions about Phu Quoc.  

What is the Best Month to Visit Phu Quoc? 

Phu Quoc enjoys a tropical climate with dry and rainy seasons. The best time/month to visit the island is any time between October to April. During this time, Phu Quoc experiences settled weather, ideal for adventure and outdoor activities. April is considerably the hottest month, with an average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius. September is the wettest month, while February is the driest month. Whether planning a family vacation, a holiday with friends, or a business trip, you want to carefully plan your visit to ensure you make the most of it. 

How Long Should I Stay in Phu Quoc?     

There’s no specific rule on how long you should stay in Phu Quoc to enjoy your stay on this island. However, spending a week or two is the best way to explore the various attraction sites. If you are in Phu Quoc for a short trip, you want to fix all the major activities for the 2 to 3-day stay. Otherwise, you can have a two-weeks vacation where you explore all the prominent places at your most convenient time. Most people will choose to stay in one central location and plan several tours around the area to save time and stay within budget.

Is Phu Quoc an Excellent Place to Visit?             

Phu Quoc is a popular island with amazing beaches, lush tropical forests, lakes, streams, mountains, and waterfalls. It’s also home to some high-end hotels, luxury resorts, and numerous fun outdoor activities. Most people visit Phu Quoc to enjoy island life, explore nature, relax by the beach and spend quality holiday time with friends and loved ones. Whether travelling for a holiday, a business trip, or a weekend out, Phu Quoc is an ideal place to visit. 

How Do You Get Around Phu Quoc?       

Depending on your travel preferences and budget, there are several means of transport that you can use to get around Phu Quoc. The three most common ways to navigate and explore Phu Quoc are by boat, a rental motorbike, and car rental. You can also hire a bicycle, board a local bus or use a motorbike taxi. And while the island is small, the distance from one location to another can be relatively far since you have to navigate forests, mountains, water bodies, and other natural landmarks. 

How Do You Get to Phu Quoc Island?

How you get to Phu Quoc depends mainly on your start location. You can get to Phu Quoc by air, road, or water. The Phu Quoc international airport serves international and domestic visitors from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. This island’s popular flights include Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, Bamboo and  Pacific Airlines. Most international flights are from Korea, India and Thailand. Ferries from the port of Rach Gia and Ha Tien (both in Vietnam) also serve the island. Most international visitors coming by plane will either take a taxi or an airport shuttle from the airport directly to their hotel.

What are the Main Towns in Phu Quoc?     

Phu Quoc has two major towns, Duong Dong and An Thoi. Duong Dong is the largest town that serves as an administrative centre on the entire island. This town lies on the western edge and features several services and amenities, from restaurants, shopping centres, banks, travel agencies, etc. On the other hand, An Thoi is the second largest town and serves as the main port that receives imported products from mainland Vietnam. You’ll also find banking facilities, fish sauce factories, naval bases, and shopping centres within An Thoi.  

What Ocean is Phu Quoc In?          

Phu Quoc sits in the Gulf of Thailand, a shallow inlet of the South China Sea. The Gulf is a semi-enclosed tropical sea in the Pacific Ocean, covering approximately 320,000 square kilometres. Four countries, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia border the Gulf of Thailand. 

Does Phu Quoc Have an Airport?   

Yes. Phu Quoc has an international airport, the Phu Quoc International Airport, which serves as the primary airport on the island. VietJet Air flies 11 routes to Phu Quoc, followed closely by Vietnam Airlines (6 routes) and Bamboo Airways (QH), with five routes. The airport has been operating since 2012 and features some modern and exclusive facilities. Inside the airport are shopping and dining centres. Also, there are some high-end hotels and resorts nearby. 

How Big is Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc Island is 589 square kilometres and is the largest island in Vietnam. The population of this island is approximately 180,000 people, per the 2020 census. Over the last decade, Phu Quoc has enjoyed a massive tourism boom that has seen the island achieve faster economic growth. 

Which is the Best 5-star Resort in Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc welcomes an average of 5 million visitors every year. The island is home to several resorts and hotels, some of which meet 5-star standards. An example is the Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc, located 4.2 kilometres from Phu Quoc International Airport and thirteen kilometres from the city centre. This private resort features a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and high-end amenities ideal for couples and families. Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc also features three spacious rooms or villas: Polaris, Sirius, and Castor. Each of these rooms comes equipped with high-end amenities. 

How is Phu Quoc Rainfall by Month?   

The rainy season will be around late April to October, and August and September will be the wettest months of the year. 

Which is the Best Place to Stay in Phu Quoc?

The best place to stay in Phu Quoc will depend on your travel itinerary and your reasons for visiting the island. If you want to explore Phu Quoc and travel to various attraction sites, you should find a central location well connected by road and air. And while there are several hotels you can choose from, one centrally located is the Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc. The resort offers a home-away-home experience with high-end amenities where you enjoy cosy accommodations with a touch of exceptionalism.  

What is a Good Place for Couples to Stay in Phu Quoc?       

The best place to stay as a couple will depend on several factors, from your budget to personal preferences. Typically, you want to find a hotel/ resort that offers the best atmosphere, privacy, and services/amenities. A hotel with a private beach or within walking distance from a non-crowded beach is a great pick. The hotel’s food and drinks are also significant factors when choosing the right place to stay.

Things You Can Do at Night in Phu Quoc?           

You’ll always find something fun to do at night regardless of where you are visiting or staying in Phu Quoc. Some fun activities you can do at night with your family include shopping at Phu Quoc night market, admiring the sunset, or joining a night squid fishing. You can also relax at a nearby bar or join locals in a nearby cocktail spot. If you want to stay in some high-end resort, Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc, is the hottest venue for entertainment, food and drinks.

Where Can I Watch Sunset Phu Quoc?

If you want to watch the sunset in Phu Quoc, there are several viewpoints for you to choose from. Some of the notable and admirable places to watch the sunset include the Ganh Dau Cape, located on the northwest, Ong Lang Beach, located on the west coast, and the renowned An Thoi Archipelago, located in the Southeast. Even so, there are several other spots throughout the island where you can enjoy beautiful sunset views. Your ideal spot should be close to where you stay to ensure easy access and convenience to and from the sunset viewpoint. 


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